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This page introduces you to electronic and hard-copy magazines and newsletters from around the South Pacific that are available free, or by subscription.

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  • An Investor’s Guide to Fiji
  • Fiji Product Directory
  • Fiji StatisticsONLINE NEWSLETTERS (e-ZINES):
  • Britain in the Pacific – British High Commission Newsletters

    An Investor’s Guide to Fiji

    This booklet has been produced by the Fiji Islands Trade and Investment Bureau (FTIB) for the information of potential investors who are interested in investing in Fiji. The information provided is to explain, in broad terms, the requirement of local laws affecting the establishment and operation of new business enterprises in Fiji, tax, foreign investment and currency laws and other relevant information pertinent to investment in Fiji.

    The information provided is not exhaustive nor is it intended to be so. Figures, rates and amounts provided are subject to change, and were given by the various authorities, are assumed to be correct at the time of publication.
    A5 format/74 pages – to order, email the FTIB

    [Source: FTID – 22 December 2000]

    Fiji Product Directory

    “The 1998 Fiji Product Directory is a comprehensive guide to trading with Fiji companies. The purpose of the directory is to provide companies interested in doing business with up-to-date information on the quality and range of products available.

    The directory is intended as an aid to the prospective importer for “Made in Fiji” products. With Fiji strategically located in the South Pacific in an increasingly open economy and pro-business environment, we are destined to become a major trading hub of the region. There is, therefore, a great opportunity for importers in the rim countries to develop trading relations with Fiji”.

    James V.C. Datta, Chairman, FTIB

    A4 format/148 pages – to order, email the FTIB

    [Source: FTIB – 30 August 2000]

    Fiji Statistical News 

    Regular statistical publications are released each month as part of the series Statistical News. Click here for list of Recent Releases.

    Annual subscriptions to Statistical News are available as follows:

    Local: F$27.27 plus postage F$3.83 (Total F$31.20)
    Overseas: F$25.00 Plus postage F$8.00 (Total F$33.00)

    Available only from the Statistics Bureau, PO Box 2221, Government Buildings, Suva, Fiji
    For full details of the latest Statistical News bulletins, as well as other publications available, please visit

    [Source: Fiji Bureau of Statistics – January 2001]


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